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  • John 17 Prayers


    I was pouring over Jesus’ prayer in John 17 this morning. I was deeply inspired by Jesus’ prayer and it brought me to the place for prayer for my family, my team and my church. I thought I’d share this prayer list with you. As you read this, consider taking a few minutes to pray these over your family, team and church.

    Pray that:

    – God’s character would be revealed in them
    – They may know Christ and experience abundant life
    – They would gain a new perspective of who God is and see how this can change how they live
    – They would hear God’s voice
    – They would experience unity in a greater dimension
    – They would receive a heavenly joy that leads to a deep sense of fulfillment
    – God would continue to prepare them for His purposes for their life
    – God would remove anything that is hindering them
    – God would bring a clear focus on the people they are called to reach
    – They would receive boldness to be a witness and invite people to know Christ
    – They would be a disciple maker
    – God would increase their influence within their circles
    – They would have a new sense of just how much God loves them
    – They’d be closer to Jesus than ever before
    – Out of the place of feeling so loved, they’d extend love to our city in ways that amaze and change people

  • Devotional Life
  • The Needy One


    One of the challenging dynamics of being a church planter is that you feel so needy.  Serving as a staff pastor for the last 7 years, you get really used to being the giver.  Our needs have been taken care of by the Lord and through the generosity of our pastors and our congregation.  And we’ve been really used to meeting the needs of teenagers, young adults and families around us.  We’ve served, sown financially and spent ours giving counsel, love and hope.  But at God’s prompting, we’re leaving the comfort of our home, our church, our salary and the familiar.

    Now I’m the needy one.

    It’s so good for me – producing a humility and a dependance that I have never known.  God must love it.  He’s probably looking down thinking, “I’ve been waiting for this part”.

    There is so much in our heart to give to the City of Spokane.  One of our core values as a church is generosity.  We want to be a constant blessing to the city that the Lord is sending us to.  We want to be able to meet real needs in the lives around us.  But, I’m so aware that if that’s going to happen, I’m going to need to receive incredible provision.

    My pastors always joked that if you are going to have the gift of giving, you need the gift of getting.

    I’m finding comfort from James today –

    James 4:2-3 – You do not have, because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions. 

    I’m getting more comfortable with the asking part.  Asking God in prayer. Asking people to give.  Asking people to pray. Asking people to join. Asking people to share the news of Sun City Church.  And I’m searching the motives of my heart and making sure that I’m not asking to spend God’s provision on my passions and pleasures.  If my desires are right, then I can stand in faith and ask my Heavenly Father and He will give.  We’re already seeing His provision in so many ways.  It’s humbling and it drives me to be a great steward of my life and all that He has given me.