Leaning Into My Strengths


I lead an online small group right now called “Leadership Lunches”. It’s been really fun to use technology to connect with leaders within our congregation who are leading in the business world. We talk through leadership principles and stretch each other to grow. We’re looking for a few more members if you want to join. Currently, we are discussing the idea of vision and exploring some things that impact the size your vision.

One of these weeks factors was:

The ability to focus on your gifting.

There’s a lot of conversation and even some debate in the leadership space about focusing on your strengths versus shoring up your weaknesses. In our group, we talked about how people with big vision tend to have a clear thought on what God has uniquely gifted them to do and then they leverage that to the hilt in order to best serve their organization.

I attended a Catalyst One Day in Seattle in February and listened to Andy Stanley give a fantastic talk around this idea. He made some great points:

– There’s a myth out there that says “Good leaders are good at everything”
– Your fully exploited strengths, not your marginally improved weaknesses, add the most value to your organization.
– The leaders target: Only do what only you can do.

This is an idea that I’ve been grappling with in 2016. Because as a church planter who is 1 year into building our church, there is still so much that I’m doing. I’m pretty clear on what my focus should be:

– Preaching
– Vision (Receiving it, Clarifying it and Casting it)
– Leadership Development

But yet, I find I spend time on so many other things because #3 also takes longer than I wish it did. I believe that those things go with the role of being the lead pastor. I’m wondering about my specific gifts and how they intersect with these key activities I must focus on.

What am I really great at that I should develop to full potential??

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I’ve come up with a few answers.
One of them is this: I’m a good learner.

I love to learn. I love learning in all kinds of ways:

– I love reading books and usually read at least 1 hour every day
– I follow some great blogs that I read in the cracks of my schedule
– I’m a podcasting freak (currently I subscribe to around 90)
– I’m always pumped to go to a conference and learn from the best leaders
– I’m thrilled when I get an opportunity to sit down with great leaders and ask questions
– I love classes and courses. Recently I started working through Kahn Academy with my boys to help them with their math. I love it and made a plan to go through all of it with them through high school.
– I fill my Twitter and Instagram feeds with leaders that I respect and want to learn from

Sun City Church has had a pretty good start. We’ve launched well and we’re continuing to pick up momentum. And I think one of the reasons we’re able to do that is because I positioned myself as a student of church planting and learned from the best. Being a great learner shows a certain level of humility that is required for leadership. It’s something I desperately want to keep as a part of my life as our church grows and the demands on my life increase.

I’ve decided that I want to use this blog as a place to process what I’m learning. I’m not sure if blogging is a discipline that will click with me or not. I really want it to. It’s been a struggle so far…maybe this is the year. But I do know that as I’m learning so much, I want a place to process and so I’ve decided to use this space for that. I hope it helps you in your journey. Leaders are learners and I’m praying that you up your learning game in this season. There’s more for you!